Main professional interests

  • medical and academic professionalism
  • social competence in medical education
  • gender and cultural diversity and inclusiveness in medical education
  • teaching methodology and faculty development programmes

Work experience

  • Member of the AMEE Executive Committee and the AMEE Research Committee
  • Member of the Best Evidence Medical Education Collaboration Board and the BEME Review Editorial Committee
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy – United Kingdom
  • Head of Centre for Medical Education- Medical University of Lodz
  • Member of the organizing committee of Polish Conferences on Medical Education
  • 2010/2011- member of the Ministry of Health Committee for Developing New Educational Standards for Polish Medical Schools (leading the sub-committee responsible for implementation of the domain of professionalism into Polish national MD graduate’s profile)
  • Medical Faculty Clinical Curriculum Committee and Medical Studies in English Curriculum Committee (MUL) member
  • Executive Chief Proctor – (National Board of Medical Examiners of the USA) for the Medical University of Lodz
  • National Centre for Medical Examinations consultant for methodological issues (2011)
  • Consultant for educational standards at the Division of Studies in English (MUL)
  • Developer of pre-clinical and clinical courses on professionalism for MD students
  • Developer of faculty development programmes
  • Pathology teaching coordinator (MUL)
  • Admission Committee member (MUL)
  • Editor and co-author of the first Polish book on medical professionalism
  • Editor of the „Professionalism and social competence” section of Polish Postgraduate Medicine Journal
  • Author and co-author of the first Polish papers (forming a series “Altruism is not enough”) on medical professionalism and social competencies aimed at postgraduate trainees.
  • Author of regular monthly papers: Basics of Medical Education for the Journal of Medical University of Lodz
  • Reviewer for Medical Teacher
  • Organiser of International Medical Education Workshops

Educational training related to medical education

  • Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Medical Education (Centre for Medical Education- University of Dundee)
  • FAME (Fundamentals of Assessment in Medical Education) – NBME
  • Conferences and workshops of Association for Medical Education in Europe, Medical Interactive e-Learning Workshops and Higher Education Academy workshops
  • PhD in neurosciences and MD degree from the Medical University of Lodz