EBMA Annual Conference on Assessment – 2018

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what is going to happen during the conference:

We are delighted to announce that EBMA 2018 will occur in November 22-24th at Minho University in Braga, Portugal.

This year’s conference theme will be dedicated to “Technology Enabled Assessment, reshaping the future of assessment for life-long learners”.

Technology is an integrant part of our lives and its presence is becoming ever more embedded in the context of Medical Education. Whether using technology to enhance the experience of traditional learning methods or to the application of large scale education such as MOOCS, technology has reshaped the landscape of Medical Education including Assessment.

The advent of computer-based assessment and inclusion of high-tech simulators have greatly improved the administration of tests by its realism and easiness of use, providing means of immediate and detailed feedback that were unthinkable before. However, it increased the burden on infrastructures and expertise that institutions and individuals must manage.

We have prepared a comprehensive program that tackles the complexity of these advances but also provides resources to apply them using household tools such as a personal computer or tablet. We have planned a set of workshops that will address the application of assessment models such as IRT, Programmatic Assessment or Progress Testing to the changing landscape of medical education. We have also planned workshops that provide hands-on experience on how to apply low-tech to enhance the classroom and assessment experience through mobile or internet-based apps demystifying its use and applications.

Beyond technology as the main subject of this conference, we also included other assessment topics that will be discussed which are workplace-based assessment, programmatic assessment, professionalism and performance based assessment.

Finally, this year’s novelty is a set of pre-conference courses that will provide a very practical hands-on experience in emerging fields like Automated Item Generation or Computerized Adaptive Testing as well as the application of traditional processes like the Standard Setting and Debriefing Techniques.

The symposia and debates will address controversial subjects that will generate an intense debate. We will have an econometric perspective on the medical professions and how to measure the intangible and translate that into an economical value – the ultimate workplace assessment! Finally, we will promote the discussion on the pros- and cons- of introducing technology in your assessments and share the gains and difficulties that we have experience throughout the years.

The conference will present an exciting program with two fantastic keynote speakers:

  • André De Champlain (Medical Council, Canada), an expert in psychometrics and the use of automatic item generation
  • Marco António Carvalho-Filho (Groningen University, The Netherlands), who has developed an innovative program using e-learning and social networks in the context of emergency medicine education.

We believe that this program will be interesting for both the technology-eager and experienced assessor as well as for the novice medical educator.

We hope to see you in Braga!

José Miguel Pêgo

Organizing Committee 2o18

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