EBMA Annual Conference on Assessment – 2018

Save the date!

We are delighted to announce that EBMA 2018 will occur in November 23-24th at Minho University in Braga, Portugal.

This year’s conference theme will be dedicated to “Technology Based Assessment”.

Technology is an integrant part of our lives and its presence is becoming ever more embedded in the context of Medical Education. Whether using technology to enhance the experience of traditional learning methods or to the application of large scale education such as Massive Open Online Courses, technology has reshaped the landscape of Medical Education. Assessment has not been an exception to this change. There has been a progressive shift from traditional paper and pencil testing to electronic formats that have greatly improved the administration of tests and provided means of immediate feedback that were unthinkable before. Additionally, other forms of assessment have emerged that were impossible without technology. Simulation based assessment, computer adaptive testing or computer generated items are just some examples of how technology has reshaped older methods but there is a whole new field that is starting to be integrated in the way we assess and monitor student’s performance. Concepts such as the Internet-of-Things where smart devices are interlinked to monitor and enhance students’ experience or the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve the knowledge that we can gather from traditional data and the new devices are just some of the new avenues in assessment.

The conference will present an exciting program with two fantastic keynote speakers:

  • Andre De Champlain (Medical Council, Canada), an expert in psychometrics and the use of automatic item generation
  • Marco Antonio Carvalho-Filho (Groningen University, The Netherlands), who has developed an innovative program using e-learning and social networks in the context of emergency medicine education.

We hope to see you in Braga next year.

José Miguel Pêgo

Organizing Committee 2o18