EBMA welcomes medical schools and other health care institutions to become a member.

As an institutional member you are part of our community, join our projects and will be eligible for the board as places become available.


Institutional membership includes:

  • Being part of the Council of Participants
  • Access, part of and active participant in/to an international network with experts in assessment.
  • Eligible for Foundation’s bodies and committees.
  • 10% discount on our annual conference, for three Council of Participants partner.
  • 10% discount on one of the EBMA trainings, for three institutes person.
  • Unlimited use of the paper-based version of the EBMA European Knowledge Test.
  • One pilot administration of the paper-based version of the EBMA International Progress Test in the first year of EBMA member (and getting a discount when taking more during yearly renewal of the membership).
  • Yearly meeting with EBMA members prior to the annual EBMA conference.

If you are interested in becoming a member, fill out the form below:

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Applicant Institutional Information

Personal Details of Contact Person

Individual membership is available for a reduced price for developing countries, contact the office for more information.

Thank you for applying. After we process your application, you will be contacted about the membership status. The subscription year runs from the date the form is signed.