Paul Ram, Pauline McAvoy, EBMA

Thomas Gale, Plymouth University, UK

Agata Stalmach-Przygoda, Jagiellonian University, Poland

Workplace-based assessment (WBA) is a direct observation in authentic clinical environment of a specific element of interconnected competencies performed by a (learning) professional.WBA is typically brief, criterion-based and low-stakes prompting an immediate feedback encounter. Moreover, WBA is an essential part of programmatic assessment, a systematic method to collect data across the learner’s training from multiple domains of competence, supporting educators to tailor future instruction to assist with remediation or acceleration of learning.

Within this workshop, the principles of the EBMA WBA online course will be applied. This course enables workplace-based assessment of medical performance, communication with patients, professionalism and collaboration in authentic settings.  In order to provide narrative feedback for learning to be implemented in each country, observations of medical consultations and collaboration within a team will be carried out.