Eduardo Pleguezuelos, MD. & Eduardo Hornos, MD.  

Institute Practicum of Applied Research in Health Sciences Education (Madrid, Spain)

Prof. Cees van der Vleuten

School of Health Profession Education, Maastricht University

Practicum Script ( is an innovative educational proposal for distance learning, targeting CME/CPD and advanced specialty training. It is based on learning-focused assessments designed to foster physicians’ reasoning and expertise development through challenging clinical cases in which expert clinical judgments often diverge.  The model features a comprehensive assessment of different stages of decision-making skills from hypothesis generation to hypothesis evaluation involving a probabilistic approach, a feedback model based on experts’ opinions and evidence-based medicine, as well as an ongoing clinical debate among participants about clinical controversies.

After an introduction focused on guidelines design for assessing practicing doctors, we will present the main principles of the self-assessment methodology of the Practicum Script program, followed by an interactive exercise to demonstrate how the simulation learning system works. Issues related to the medical contents construction and review, logistics, and experiences of implementation of the program in Ibero-american countries will be also addressed.

The workshop format will be interactive, with emphasis on free discussion and exchange of ideas about Practicum Script CME/CPD model and its potential applications.