Sylvia Heeneman, Maastricht University, Department of Pathology

Workshop description

In many health profession education programs, a portfolio-based mentoring system is used to guide students/ mentees in their self-directed and reflective learning and personal development. How the mentor role is executed in daily practice however varies, and is very much dependent on the local context e.g. are reflective activities part of the portfolio and participation of diverse groups of mentees with different backgrounds in the program. In each context, there will be specific challenging situations for mentors.

 In this workshop, an evidence-based framework for faculty development of mentors will be presented and practiced, with an emphasis on the coaching of reflective activities. Using video material, vignettes, and questionnaires, short interactive introductions and plenary discussion, participants can use this framework to design their own professional development activities for mentors that would fit their practice.

 Intended outcomes

    • Becoming aware of the power of mentoring
    • Knowledge regarding theory and evidence on mentoring and self-directive and reflective learning
    • A first step in a needs assessment, to enable further development of a mentor training program tailored to the needs of the context, the mentors and diverse groups of students.

This workshop is interesting for faculty currently involved in mentoring, faculty currently designing a mentoring system (also taking into account how to deal with a diverse group of students from different backgrounds), faculty who are involved in a faculty development program for mentors, program directors and students/learners.


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