Shiphra Ginsburg, Wilson Centre for Research in Medical Education, Toronto, Canada

Walther van Mook, Maastricht University


Workshop description

Professionalism can be difficult to assess in our learners. In this workshop we will discuss the difficulties in assessing professionalism by drawing on theory, our past research as well as cases and scenarios.

We will incorporate scenarios of challenging professional dilemmas for the group to work on. We will also ask for current examples from participants.

Our objectives are for participants to challenge their preconceptions about assessing professionalism; to understand and appreciate the importance of context and the hidden curriculum; and to learn some lessons from professionalism research from two distinct research programs.

Shiphra Ginsburg has conducted numerous workshops on professionalism in multiple settings (local, national, international). She has published widely on professionalism in peer-reviewed journals and is the co-author of a book on “Understanding medical professionalism”. Walter van Mook finalized a PhD thesis on “learning and assessing professionalism”, and was a co-author of the AMEE guide on this topic. He is, among others, involved in international professionalism research.