Feedback to students

Medical schools have two options in reporting scores to students:

1)  Individual letters after or at each measurement moment which contain the student’s scores and subscores or;
2)  An interactive, online feedback report accessible with an individual username and password that contains the student’s scores and subscores of all measurement moments. This enables a much richer environment for feedback, mentoring and portfolio purposes.

Feedback for schools

Deans and other stakeholders could be provided with an institutional scoring report including:

  • a table with all scores and subscores;
  • graphs with scores and subscores  across all academic years;
  • significance testing for increase of scores across academic years (areas without significant growth can be seen as areas for concern by stakeholders);
  • test analysis: group and individual reliability estimates for the total test and per year, test response function, test information function, standard error of measurement curve, local precision curve;
  • item analysis: difficulty, discrimination, item characteristic curve, distractor analysis.
  • standard setting (norms for pass/fail/good grades) for each measurement moment;
  • benchmarking reports which give a comparative view of the performance of your institution with the pool of participating institutions.