We’re proud on the speakers and the program we can present:

Tuesday November 14th

  • Key note by Prof. Shiphra Ginsburg, Wilson Centre for research in Education, University of Toronto, Canada: ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: The Untapped Potential of Written Assessment Comments.’
  • 8 presentation themes on assessment, a broad choice on assessment related items: Assessment across the continuum/across borders 1, Assessment across the continuum/across borders 2, Licensing exams, credentialing and revalidation/Patient and public involvement, Performance based assessment, Preparedness for practice, Professionalism including diversity, Standard setting/psychometric analysis, Technology enabled assessment.
  • 8 workshops, provided by: Adrian Freeman (University of Exeter), Janusz Janczukowicz (University of Lodz), Carlos Collares (Maastricht University), Lubberta de Jong & Harold Bok (Utrecht University, Veterinary Education), Janke Cohen Schotanus ( University Medical Centre Groningen), Luke Dawson & Kathryn Fox ( University of Liverpool), Paul Ram (EBMA), Eduardo Pleguezuelos & Eduardo Hornos (Institute Practicum of Applied Research in Health Sciences Education), Cees van der Vleuten (Maastricht University). See the detailed program for more information on these workshops.
  • Symposium & Debate
  • Conference Dinner at Restaurant Eazee (optional, only to be booked in advance)

For the detailed program of this day, information on speakers and workshops have a look at: Program Tuesday November 14th

Wednesday November 15th

  • Key note by Prof. Janke Cohen – Schotanus, University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands: ‘How assessment drives learning.’
  • Poster presentations
  • 8 workshops, provided by: Jan van Tartwijk (Utrecht University, teacher academy), Pim Teunissen & Erik Driessen (Maastricht University), Thomas Gale (Plymouth University), Shipra Ginsburg & Walter van Mook (Wilson Centre, Canada and Maastricht University), Sylvia Heeneman (Maastricht University), Dave Swanson (ABMS, USA), Lee Coombes (Cardiff Univerity), João José Cerqueira (University of Minho, Portugal). See the detailed program for more information on the workshops we offer.
  • Symposium, Debate & Closing
  • Informal drink

For the detailed program of this day, information on speakers and workshops have a look at: Program Wednesday November 15th

Enlarge your conference with one day

The EBMA Conference this year takes place prior to the yearly NVMO Conference, the Netherlands Association for Medical Education, at Egmond aan Zee. This gives the opportunity to lengthen your stay and learn more about medical education, assessment and faculty development, of course a fully English track. Attending the EBMA Conference gives a discount on visiting the NVMO Conference on Thursday. For more information and registration: Program NVMO and General info NVMO

We’re still working on making the best program as possible. Names of speakers will be added during the coming months and minor changes to the program can be made.

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