MMedSci. FRCGP. FAcadMedEd

Adrian is a Professor of Medical Education and the President of EBMA. He is a practising General Practitioner (Family Medicine Specialist). He has worked for many years in medical education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His particular interest is in assessments in education. Most of his research interest has been in the field of Progress Testing.

He is an examiner for the Royal College of General Practitioners and led the development of the licensing examination of Clinical Skills for the College. He is Chair of the MRCGP INT board of the College. This programme accredits overseas training programmes and assessments in Family Medicine and is active in 9 countries around the world.

Adrian has personal experience in the field of working on such projects in Oman, Dubai, Malta, and Kosovo. In the past he has worked on related projects in Egypt and Libya and has also delivered teaching courses in Indonesia and Canada.

Adrian has been a member of the International Board of the American Board of Medical Examiners and is currently on the Board of the UK Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance and the Council of the UK Academy of Medical Educators.