The Netherlands has a see climate. In November it can be windy and cold but don’t be surprised if there will be sunshine every day.


It is stronlgly recommended you take out insurance to cover any potential loss of registration fes, travel and accomodation costs that might result from any medical condition or accident that may preclude your attendance at the conference, or cause you to seek medical advice during your stay.

It is also important to note that you will be required to have health insurance when you apply for a tourist visa. This is a rule of the Dutch Government. All persons entering the country must have full health coverage and liability.


The currency is the Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted and Automatic Teller machines (ATM’s) or cash machines can be found in Egmond. For curent exchange rates visit: currency table


There are not many foreigners who speak the Dutch language, that’s why almost all Dutchmen speak English quite good. Don’t be surprised if they even speak your language, a lot of people speak 3 languages or even more.



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