University of Groningen


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The presentation will share with the audience how to apply the concepts from cognitive psychology to online initiatives, and how social media and gamification strategies sum up to buster the utilization of online resources by the students. The Concept of online Communities of Practice offers a framework to build a learning community between teachers and students, which is extremely useful during ever shorter clinical rotations. The determinants of students’ online engagement will be explored and the importance of providing continuous feedback in the context of a real educational alliance will be stressed. Finally, the impacts of those initiatives on the learning outcomes of students will be discussed.


Marco is a clinical teacher and an internal medicine specialist who is actively involved in the development of emergency medicine in Brazil. He is passionate about medical education in general and active methodologies in particular. This passion led Marco to design innovative approaches to online learning, simulation, and assessment. Working in a busy and sometimes chaotic environment, the emergency teachers of his team master the rules of engagement with the new generation of Millennial students. The ultimate consequence is a powerful and productive educational alliance. His motto is: “Engagement also drives learning!”.