In-conference workshop: Teacher’s emotions related to assessment

Facilitated by

Associate Professor Terhi Karaharju-Suvanto
Faculty on Medicine – University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Dr. Terhi Karaharju-Suvanto acts presently as the head of Dental curricululum in University of Helsinki, Finland. She works as a coordinating university lecturer and as a clinical instructor in orthodontics in Department of Oral and Maxillofacial diseases, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland and Helsinki University Central Hospital
  • She graduated as a dentist in 1989, acquired her PhD in odontology in 1996 and received her speciality in orthodontics in 1999, all in University of Helsinki. She has also received a special competence in dental education in 2011. In 2012 she received the Excellence in Dental Education, Mature Educator Award from ADEE and in 2013 she was appointed to the The University of Helsinki Teachers’ Academy. At the present she is the president of the Association for Medical Education in Finland.
  • She has been a fulltime teacher since 1999 in various positions within dental education and is a popular teacher in continuing professional development both for dental and medical educators. She has been involved in two EU projects about dental education. She has worked on assessment in national and international projects, such as defining the national competencies for graduating dentists in Finland and the clinical assessment group of ADEE. She has worked in faculty development of both medical and dental education in Finland and internationally.
  • Her latest research has been about dental and general university education and her main interests are assessment and competencies. She has 15 original publications about education.
Workshop description

Even though the feelings of students have been widely discussed, there is little research about emotions of the teachers related to assessment in higher education.

The aim of this workshop is to target teachers’ emotions related to assessment, their variability and strength and together within the group find ways to cope with them and hopefully grow from them.

The focus is on collaborating and creating solutions together after a short introduction to the subject, based partly on our own research. The workshop will mostly be guided groupwork about emotions; what causes them, what do we learn from them and sharing with others to find new ways of reflection and coping with negative feelings as well as growing from the positive ones.

Workshop format

There will be interactive parts in the lecture and most of the workshop will be working with others in groups.
There will be handout of the theoretical part including references about the subject for further use in faculty development. The work of the groups will not be officially shared as the discussions will be confidential.