We have made special arrangements with the following hotels, in different price categories. We advise you to book your stay in Hotel Meliã, a very good hotel, walking distance of the conference venue. Hotel do Parque, Hotel do Elevador e Hotel do Templo have panoramic views over the city of Braga. And at last, the Hotel de Lamaçães is the cheapest, not far from the conference venue.


Visit the following links for each recommended hotel:

Hotel Meliã: Please use the promotional code “EBMA_CONFERENCE” during your booking.

Hotèis do Bom Jesus (Hotel do Parque, Hotel do Elevador e Hotel do Templo):

Hotel Lamaçães:


For the ones that prefer to stay in the city center we arranged special deals with:

Hotel Bracara Augusta:

Hotel Dona Sofia:

In order to use the special price for the above mentioned hotels, please contact by email the hotel you prefer by mentioning that you are going to attend the EBMA Conference and by giving them the code: “EBMA_CONFERENCE”.


Braga is one of the youngest cities in Europe (considered the youngest city in Europe in 1989), making it a dynamic and energetic city. In the past 30 years, the district’s population has grown by over 25%.

The district of Braga shows development and quality of life standards quite above the national average, only surpassed by the regions of Greater Porto and Greater Lisbon. Through ratios and statistics, this is an obvious fact.

Allied with that is its strategic geographical position and its development, which make this Portuguese district one of the most appealing regions for investment.​

Braga also offers unique cultural and leisure opportunities in the country, with its nightlife, cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, museums and art galleries. It is a city full of culture and traditions, where history and religion coexist side by side with the technology industry and academic life.


How to reach Braga?

By plane

The easiest way to go to Braga by plane is to fly to Porto/Sa Carneiro/Oporto international airport (OPO), and then catch a train or a bus to Braga. It’s about one hour from Oporto to Braga by bus, and almost two hours by train.


Once you get to Porto Airport, you can catch the following transports to Braga:

By train

Catch the Metro to Campanhã Station or São Bento Station and then get a train to Braga. Duration: 2h00 Price (approx.): 5€ Metro Train

By bus

Direct bus transfer to Braga from Porto Airport and vice versa, it works every day. Duration: 50 min Price: 8€ one-way – 14€ go & return more information here.

By taxi

The táxis are located on the arrivals floor at Porto Airport. Duration: 40 min Price (aprox.): 60€.


Since your stay in Portugal is probably less than one month, so you can travel on a tourist visa. If you need a visa, please assure beforehand which documentation must be supplied. If you would like us to write a letter of invitation, please contact with a minimum of two weeks before submitting your application.