Janusz Janczukowicz (Medical University of Lodz)

Dame Lesley Southgate (EBMA)


Workshop description

When talking to well-known change leaders in medical education, and to medical teachers from all five continents, the big picture of assessment around the world is split. Some medical schools, supported by teams of psychometricians and specialists in medical education, follow contemporary recommendations and work consistently on improving standards of education and assessment for learning. Other medical schools are still following traditional curricula with non-integrated, non-programmatic and purely retrospective assessment. Currently there is a lot of advice available to further improve these curricula, but medical educators need particular tools, solutions and support for bridging the qualitative gap between traditional and transformative assessment.

Assessment is a component of the whole curriculum. We can’t “fix” one element of this complex system in isolation and expect it to function effectively. In this workshop we will consider the important steps that must be in place before introducing new assessment methods, taking into account local culture and the needs of patients, students and society. The workshop presenters and participants will discuss particular steps of the assessment change management, including identification and strategies for dealing with possible challenges. We will also encourage participants to create a working group providing further support in effective change management towards transformative assessment.