In addition to the European Knowledge Test, EBMA will, as part of a second phase of development, offer assessment of performance in the workplace in order to assess patient-related competences. A variety of assessment methods, already evaluated and available within member schools and organisations, are under consideration. Evidence provided by high quality work-based assessment can provide individuals with an excellent basis for feedback and planning for future learning. This is likely to be especially helpful for some international medical graduates early in their postgraduate training in order to gain confidence in working in new European settings.

With this in mind we have made as our first priority the establishment of a working group led by dr. Paul Ram (Maastricht University). They will consider and develop assessment of the doctor patient interactions using video and other contemporary technologies.

The outcomes from assessments will be presented within a portfolio, already designed, containing

– Verified credentials
– A structured CV

In every case, EBMA will provide feedback to individual students on their learning needs.