In recent years programmatic assessment has increasingly been implemented in institutions all around the world. Therefore, a small group of individual members came up with an idea to launch a Special Interest Group (SIG) on Programmatic Assessment (PA): SIG-PA. By building a community, they aim to promote international collaboration between researchers, policy-makers and others involved in programmatic assessment.

The SIG really like you to be involved in the launch of this community. To do so, we would like to collect your thoughts about a SIG-PA through a short survey. By clicking on the following link you can access the survey (ctrl+click):  Survey SIG PA EBMA

During the EBMA annual conference 2018 in Braga the SIG-PA will be launched. By organizing a round table session future activities of the SIG-PA will be discussed. The outcomes of this survey will anonymously be used as input for the round table session at the EBMA 2018.

Kind regards,

The coordinators of the SIG-PA:

Harold Bok PhD; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht University; the Netherlands

Lubberta de Jong MSc; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht University; the Netherlands

Prof. Cees van der Vleuten; SHE Maastricht University; the Netherlands

P.s.: don’t hesitate to forward this message to interested colleagues.