EBMA welcomes medical schools, health education institutions or individuals to become EBMA member.

As well as participation in developing new assessments and quality assuring those already established, membership will give access to other participants through web based or face to face meetings in which the development work does, and will, take place. Some members may wish to join with others for research and development opportunities, others may wish to benchmark student / doctor performance against a larger cohort. All of these plans will be considered by the EBMA Board to ensure they meet our standards for the conduct of research and development.

We offer a full membership and affiliated membership, for individuals and schools. Please contact via info@ebma.eu for more information ons these possibilities, conditions and offerings.

Benefits for new members will be:

  • Working together with a community of established experts from different European countries to create a unique assessment resource that could improve quality of healthcare
  • To provide an opportunity for students and some postgraduates in medicine to establish their learning needs and receive feedback including benchmarking against the performance of others at the same, or similar stage.
  • To support faculty as they seek to reform/improve local assessment programmes by providing access to high quality assessment formats supported by experts.
  •  To participate in identifying the most useful and relevant approaches for assessing performance in the workplace/clinicalsetting taking account of cultural differences. And to participate in research when new insights need evaluating.

If you are interested in becoming a member, fill out the form below:

Applicant Institutional Information

Type of membership

 Full membership (€ 5000,- per year) Affiliated membership for individuals (€ 140,- per year)

Personal details of Contact Person

Thank you for applying. After we process your application, you will be contacted about the membership status of your institution and your participation in EBMA activities as a board member.The subscription year runs from the date the form is signed.
Please note that the EBMA organization is prepared to consider lower rates in cases of financial limitations.