We have made special arrangements with three hotels, in different price categories. We advise you to book your stay in Hotel Golfzang, a very good hotel on the seaside on short walking distance of the conference venue. If you want to stay at the conference venue, you book Hotel Zuiderduin. Hotel de Boei is the cheapest, on short walking distance as well.

Hotel Zuiderduin:

Hotel Golfzang:

Hotel de Boei:


Egmond aan Zee is a village on the beach, in the Northern part of The Netherlands. Although it’s small, it has many restaurants, pubs and shops to discover. The lighthouse is remarkable, strolling along the seaside you can’t miss. And of course everyday fresh fish you need to try. The Conference takes place in winter time but also in this time of the year, it’s a beautifull place to experience the Dutch culture. For more information, please have a look at: Where to go in Egmond


Egmond aan Zee is reachable by train and bus from Amsterdam Central Station or from Schiphol Airport: Where to find Zuiderduin
Please consult the following journey planners for information about public transportation within the Netherlands:


Since your stay in the Netherlands is probably less than one month, you can travel on a tourist visa. If you need a visa, please assure beforehand which documentation must be supplied. If you would like us to write a letter of invitation, please contact a minimum of two weeks before submitting your application.

It is also important to note that you will be required to have health insurance when you apply for a tourist visa. This is a rule of the Dutch Government. All persons entering the country must have full health coverage and liability.